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I tried your service out during the Thanksgiving one month offer. I can easily say that you and your team are the best out there and I’m going to renew.

Jeff S.

Hey FXC Investing, just wanted to thank you for all your incredible hard work.  I’m up $6,500 since I started here a couple of months ago.  Can’t thank you enough!

Patty J.

Today I get my first trade signal on my whatsapp mobile app. And make $4787 in H4 with 1.0 lot!!! Thanks FXCI Team!!!

James M.

Firstly many many thanks for yesterday’s mentor session. Wow soooo much information. Your enthusiasm for trading and sharing your knowledge is infectious!

Nigel H.

Forex Capital Investing: I made  a 21% return on your EURGBP alert, for a return of $3,000. Hats off to you! Thanks.

Thomas M.

You are a good teacher. Public education’s loss is our gain.

Mark M.

You are providing awesome service which I haven’t seen anybody provide for such a small fee. The chat room is the best anybody can experience with a lot of good, good guidance.

Giri V.

I joined your service yesterday and am working my way through your videos. I’ve looked at a number of services before deciding to join yours. I liked your pitch and approach; and the fact that you know how to teach was a real plus in your column.  The videos have been very easy to follow and I feel I’m already getting value from them.

Dave M.

You’re like a sincere, loving, caring, diligent, fair, protective version of Steve Jobs in your business here, FXCI People probably have no idea of how much of a window on success they have here with you.

Joe N.

I’m out for the day. Locked in $13,500+ in profits today. All from Forex Capital Investing trades. Biggest day in my 10 years in the market!

Benjamin E.

My goal is $1,000 a month today made $2,248 so far

Robert P.

Forex Capital Investing program is allowing me to work as a freelance writer abroad. without it, I’d have been considering an editorial day job again.

Michael M.

$3,800 up today … thanks to eurusd and FXCI.

Len S.

Realized gains today of $3,366 best day at FX.C.I. picks…thanks all!!

Robert P.

 Thanks a million! Really appreciate all the hard work and generosity with your time!!! This service rocks!

Dana W.

Big thanks to Forex Capital Investing team!!  +$5,016 today !!!  You guys rock.

Gary M.

I just want to thank you for your honesty and your constant teaching. Your watchlist are excellent – you can see the effort that you put into them.  There is no other guru like you.

Jody C.

Made 9% on nzdusd and made 8.5% usdcad yesterday, thanks FXCI.

Dan W.

Your very gifted as a teacher. The videos have all been very easy to follow and an enlightening education. Thanks for being the one willing to help others learn this trading business.

Mary M.

Enjoy the long weekend, you are the hardest working man in stock business and I thank you for that!

Scott J.

Thank you,very impressed with your actions. You just secured me as a long time customer.

Alan C.

You are a gifted teacher. You have just increased the value of your service exponentially. I don’t know of any service that is actually doing what you are doing.

Doug K.

I think you have the best program for teaching us and actually leading us through the quagmire of the forex market learning curves.

Arlon W.

Love the service man! I’m up 15% in 6 weeks since joining! Thanks!

Hank C.

I love your service. It feels like a family in which everyone is looking out for one another. And, as I told you before, I am learning so much. Thank you for all you do… 97€ a month is NOTHING for what you offer.

Jim M.

 I never ever thought I’d ever have the guts and ability to do this.  Thank you all for putting up with my learning process!  Thank you.

Susan S.

Today I get my first signal and I made 160 pips!!  Thank you.


Jeff F.

It’s amazing how you guys find these trading opportunities, I swear I love this room!

Anthony R.

I am happy to learn from a professional with integrity who is willing to teach an old dog the tricks of the trade.

Ed P.

Thanks for all this pips Forex Capital Investing Team, you are the best!! I love your signals.

Robert T.

Thank you team for your service. It is thanks to you that I can now go on that vacation that I have always wanted.

Edwin H.

I joined about 3 weeks ago and am just paper trading and loving your program.

Rob A.

I  really hope you get good feedback on these lessons. They are outstanding.

Kevin C.

I joined your program beginning of February 2014.. I’m pleased to share with you that I just closed my last trade in April to make over $10,000!

Jorge F.

What can I say Forex Capital Investing. Thanks for all. Please don’t leave us until the next 20 years lol.

Arthur B.

My subscription ends tomorrow. I would like to renew. Just want to make sure I continue with your service. I absolutely love what your doing and how well you run your service.

Steve M.

Thanks for all your insight and training!!!  This is THE BEST experience in trading I have found and I appreciate it.

Gregory Van W.

By the way I would like to thank you for all the effort you put on that! I am extremely profitable with your strategy and I am about to become a full-time trader! Thanks again! And thank God I found you! Take care.

Bill L.

Man what a good week for the team. Glad I found you guys. Team, I just made $2,500 just today and $7,000  for the 1 week. I do both swing and day trade. Thanks for  the support.

Clefo T.

Best signals every!! Thanks a lot.

Haru G.

I just wanted to say you have a quality service and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Your education is invaluable and your signals are great.

Chris N.

 I’m new to your service. I just want to say I really appreciate your energy, attitude, knowledge, and clarity of communication. And one more…your honesty. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is in today’s world. THANK YOU for your service, I hope to keep learning a lot.

James M.

My account was up 50% in my first 12 months. Thanks a lot!

Tony S.

I wanted to let you know that I have learned so very much from you during these 3 months and have really enjoyed day trading with Price Action Capital. This really is the BEST service around and you should be very proud of yourself and your crew. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Natasha W.

$35,000 month here for me, a lot of big wins! XAUUSD,WTI,EURUSD,GBPJPY.

Sadakathullah M.

Great day for me up $660. Thanks a lot.


Thanks team, I’ve made $1,500 so far today. That’s what I do in a week.

Jorge O.

Out USDCAD +$2,484 on a $4,000 account!!  Thank you everyone!

Austin A.

Just wanted to say I think you run an amazing service and I’ve really enjoyed everything i have been getting out of it the short time I have been a member.

Nick M.

Had to get out of audusd +$4,200  

James R.

Your lessons have changed my life! Made $7,200 today on usdjpy !! I love you man.

Hung T.

My best month by a huge margin, also first month haven’t worked for anyone else. Big thx to everyone here.

Mike L.

Hey I’m very impressed with how you came out of a rough June, regained composure, and killed it these past few months. That’s quality mental toughness and awesome swing trading since then.


Your service has been very educational and profitable for a new comer to swing trading.

Mark R.

I’m glad to be back with your service. I was with Forex Capital Investing for a year and had to leave because I worked for an investment firm and couldn’t trade my own account due to SEC rules.

James C.

Hey I’m very impressed with how you came out of a rough June, regained composure, and killed it these past few months. That’s quality mental toughness and awesome swing trading since then.


Great job! Love the improved format (alert setup). Thx. You really kicked butt this week! Have a good weekend.

Fred O.

I made $1,700 this month, last year without you I lost $1,800.

Gabriel E.

My 2nd best month in 2013 $16,781 for me. Let’s hope the honey badger continues for the final 7 months of the year.

Jeff L.

This is my first month, that I’m made 15% in forex-!! Thanks.

Gary A.

Just want to say thank you for the good service, my first profit 8% on GBPJPY today, so happy. I’m still learning the system.

Tuyet V.

Bro,  been here a year.  Absolute best service on the planet.  Thanks for all you do for us.

Cris M.

Thanks! I love you’re service man. I’m up 15% in the last three weeks since I’ve joined.

Hi Sir, first off I am new to your service and plan to be a long term member. I want you to know I have learned so much from you and your service. What is so awesome is your heart for your clients. It is a rare commodity these days.I have been a business man for over 40 years and your business is top notch.

Tom C.

Thank you for working so hard for all of us Forex Capital Investing.  You’re a good man.

Mike S.

Thanks for all your teaching and advice, its been a great value to my portfolio already!

Mary K.

Paid myself 7% on wti oil.  Thanks team!

Damian C.

Thanks! I love you’re service man. I’m up 15% in the last three weeks since I’ve joined.

Thanks for sharing your signals, thank you thanks you 10x times! This is best signals site ever.

Jim D.

I always lost money with other services and I have a smaller account and I have been making enough to pay for the service as well as a good profit.

Linda G.

Thanks again for your great service and dedication to your customers, can’t beat it for the price (I’ve tried !).

Peter T.

Thanks Capital, out for $4,200 profit on 5 trades overnight. You rule!

Alice S.

Love your site, work, system – everything!!!

Amy Q.

I don’t say much but I want to tell u thank u for putting together such an amazing site and team, this might sound silly but u have added so much to my life and family, I literally have tears in my eyes , u r awesome!

Bob G.

Thanks FXCI,  I make 16% this monthy with your signals !

Mark W.

I’ve said it before, but you have a talent, and I for one greatly appreciate your teaching. I’m going back through all the lessons and doing a refresher.

Tom B.

Just wanted to let you know today’s session was outstanding, I really felt like I was right there behind your shoulder trading next to you!

Jerome M.

Your picks and service are excellent!

Gene S.

Hey Forex Capital support team thanks for the alert on EURJPY. Profit of $3,180.

Michael G.

Your service has opened my eyes to so many things on Wall Street that would have taken me years to figure out. I have found a passion in trading unlike anything else I have encountered in my career and I want to thank you for being a part of that.

Matt P.

Monster singal brother!  Took 13% on that killer call.  

Ben R.

Been busy at work and unable to make it to chat, but I have been trading your picks by email / text and I am doing quite well on them…75% in the win column. Anyway I just wanted you to know your service is awesome even when not present in the chat.

Anthony R.

Since you started swing trading only, you are just perfect! You have a true talent on that! I am with you since last year, the service is at its best now! GBPJPY +7,000 for me! THANK YOU!

Bill L.

I love your service.  I have learned a lot from you. You are terrific at what you do, and the community you have established in your chat room is excellent.

Adam P.

Nice job Forex Capital Investing, you’re on fire !

Patty G.

Love the way the service is set up, belonged to a bio newsletter but wasn’t the same.

Thomas M.

You absolutely have the best newsletter out there and the work you put into it is amazing! It’s weird, but I view you as more of a friend than the man behind the curtain.

Tim C.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been with you since almost the beginning and have learned a tremendous amount. It has been a pleasure watching your service grow over the years.

Daniel N.

Bless you sir, you are helping so many. I love the teacher in you. A great quality. Stands you apart from the rest.

Deborah R.

JUST took my $5,000 account and turned it into $9,500 in 3 weeks had I not mixed my portfolio with “my” picks I would be well over 100%! Thank you so much!

Dong S.