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Join the FxcInvesting funding program today!

This is too good to be true, isn’t it?

We understand there will be a lot of skepticism for an offer that promises free money to subscribers, however BluFX was designed without any conflict with our clients.

Our trading platform makes as much business sense for us as it does for our traders. By diversifying our capital over many independent traders, we can spread our risk, whilst our risk management policies can prevent rogue traders from doing damage. Our purpose in creating BluFX was to find talented traders and create value for both parties. We want to find and develop talent and kickstart future careers. It is in our best interest for everyone to find success.

OK, I’m in. How do I get started?

For a start you need to send us 179 GBP / 200 EUR on our PayPal account@fxcinvesting.com and you will receive $25k account. You need also send us your information: Name, Surname, Address, E-mail


Is this product suitable for day traders?

Yes, product is ideal for Forex day traders. Our platform allows you to make a variety of high volume traders from anywhere in the world throughout the day. Whatever day trading strategies clients like can be implemented risk free without issue.


Is there a demo account?

 No, FxcInvesting does not offer a demo option. We don’t believe there is any value for traders; With FxcInvesting product you can get right into trading real money without having to risk your own capital. Our most successful FX Traders all have the psychology to fight for their success and this will be necessary if you wish to be successful as well.


If I leave can I rejoin?

There are no limits to re-joining our programme provided you have not violated any of our trading policies.

What I get when I sign up ?

  1. Trading account $25,000 or $50,000
  2. Every day forex morning analysis
  3. Forex signals in real time
  4. Forex news
  5. Trading room

Who can join the Remote Trader Programme?

There are no restrictions on joining the programme, provided you agree to our trading policies. However, we advise caution to prospective applicants as this product is trading real capital. If you are passionate, conscientious and dedicated to trading then you are ideal to join our programme.

Am I liable for any losses on my account?

No, traders are not and will never be liable for any losses that are caused during trading.

Can I make money immediately after joining?

If your trades are successful then there is no barrier to making a profit on your account; however, should you wish to withdraw any money from your account, you must meet a 5% profit margin on the initial account value, i.e. $2500 in profit on a $50000 account. Traders will then be able to draw 50% of profit made, or $1250.

Are any traders consistently profitable with FxcInvesting?

Yes, many of our traders are able to make consistent profit and even live full time from the money generated with FxcInvesting. It is actively in our interest for all of our traders to be as successful as possible since it is our own capital being risked. FxcInvesting is a perfect product for anyone looking to create their own trading career.

Do you tell me when and how to trade?

FxcInvesting does not enforce any specific strategies on traders, they can make their own decisions and develop their talents into their own trading strategies. With our professional trading system and responsive assistance, we are aiming to secure traders’ talents till they turn into profit.

How much is the monthly price ?

The $25,000 package price is 179 GBP per month and the $50,000 package price is 299 GBP per month.

How do I decide which of the packages is right for me?

The FxcInvesting Standard subscription is our recommended option for new clients. The standard package comes with all the major features of FxcInvesting, including instant access to a $50’000 / $25’000 trading book, trading account growth for meeting targets, risk free and accessible anywhere. It offers everything you need whether you are just beginning or already have years of experience.

Why Trading Policies?

These policies act both as risk management for our firm, as well as guidance for individual traders to encourage them to develop discipline in their strategies.

As an experienced proprietary trading firm, we believe the key to making money is to manage risk properly. FxcInvesting have set up trading risk management guidelines to not only help ourselves to manage risk but most importantly to provide a clear and transparent direction for traders to trade profitably in a professional manner.

Can I continue with my current job whilst trading with FxcInvesting ?

Yes, many of our trading team continue to work their own full or part time jobs as well as trading with us. It is entirely up to you how much time you wish to devote to forex trading. The only important aspect is commitment of traders, whether full or part time you must maintain your focus.


Can I quit the programme at any time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your subscription whenever you wish.


What happens if I encounter difficulties in my trading career?

Appointments can be arranged from the Contact Us Page, whether you need advice or just to chat about your trading. All our traders are assisted by our trading managers to supervise their accounts and prevent reckless or rogue trading actions. Should you find yourself with consistent losses or other difficulties they will be on hand to offer advice.