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Want Access To A High-Performance Forex Managed Account That Consistently Averages 8%+* Returns per month?

Forex Capital Investing was founded with one goal in mind; to provide you with an alternative and highly profitable investment vehicle. Your account is protected by Pepperstone Group Limited.

Name: FxcInvesting

Minimum investment: 5000 €

Entry fees: 6%

Profit sharing: 65% customer – 35% costs of traders

Starting invest withdraw: Anytime (recommended investment period of 3-5 years)

Profit withdraw: Anytime

Trading fees: 0.8%

Investor protection: Maximum loss is limited to the 28% of investment

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There is no Exit fee.

Only 35 % of your profits on a monthly high watermark basis. (what’s a high watermark?) Forex Capital Investing will charge a performance fee on profits using a high water-mark. The high-water mark is calculated from the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) after a performance fee has been charged. Below is an example how Forex Capital Investing’s performances fees are calculated and charged:

What is  High Water Mark ?

Date 1st of Jan 1st of Feb 1st of Mar 1st of Apr
Net Asset Value (NAV) $100,000 $110,000 $105,000 $117,000
Profit (loss) $10,000 -$2,000 $12,000
Performance Fee $3,000 $3,000
NAV After Performance Fee $100,000 $107,000 $105,000 $114,000
High-water Mark $100,000 $107,000 $107,000 $114,000

The above example assumes that $100,000 was invested. If the Managed Account had achieved a return of 10% for the month, your account would now be at $110,000 for the month. The performance fee for the first month would be calculated on the profit. The performance fee is 30%, therefore $3,000 is charged to the account. The now leaves the high-water mark at $107,000.

If in the second month of trading, the managed account made a net loss of $2,000, there would be no performance fee paid. However the high-water mark would remain at $107,000 as this remains the highest level after a performance fee has been taken.

In the third month the Managed Account returned to profitability, and returned $12,000 for the quarter, the balance would now be at $117,000. However since the high-water mark is at $107,000, there performance fee is only charged on the profit above the high water mark. i.e. 30% of $10,000 instead of 30% of $12,000.