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Want Access To A High-Performance Investment That Consistently Averages 8%+* Returns per month?
  • No lock-in periods, no exit fees.
  • Access to highly experienced institutional traders
  • Get started with as little as 5,000€

How much is the minimum for investing ?

The minimum capital is 5.000€.

Do I need to open a new account with a broker if I'm EU client ?

We work with AvaTrade. So you need to open account on AvaTrade.

In what instruments do you invest ?

We invest only in currencies,index and commodities.

What type of operations do you work ?

Intraday and swing operaions.

What is the maximum risk per trade ?

The maximum risk per trade is 3% of your total capital.

What is the cost of the service ?

Our commission is 35%.

What is the risk on unjustifiend wiithdrawal ?

There´s no risk, the only one with Access to the account will be you. We only administrate the capital, but we never have the power to withdraw your money. We never ask for your Access because it´s your personal data.

Can I withdraw my money anytime ?

Indeed, in Forex Capital Investing we allow you to withdraw your money when you want it without penalty or previus advice.

Which is the performance expencted monthly ?

Forex Capital Investing not guarantee any results on a monthly basis. However, our work plan is made for a yield of 5% to 10% on a monthly basis.

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