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Forex Trading Fund

FxcInvesting allocates traders $50k in capital when they start a trading account. Traders keep 50% of the profit they make.

FX without risk

All traders with the FxcInvesting team trade without risk. Trading accounts are provided by Forex Capital and thus any losses are the firm’s.

Trader Progression

Consistent traders can move on to even greater funding. Pre-established targets give every determined trader a path to advance.

Remote Trading

FxcInvesting’s proprietary trading platform allows prop traders to trade on their accounts from anywhere in the world.


Our Growth Fundamentals

The FxcInvesting team never stops trying to find the value in people, particularly when it comes to prop traders. Spotting talented traders is our mission. We have setup a capital growth path for our traders featuring 4 steps:

You can withdraw your part of the profit share at any point of this path, however you will not be able to grow further without reaching the net figures for each stage. You will not be rolled back to lower funding levels unless there are severe losses on your account.

Incubation Period: All our traders start from a $50K / $25K trading book, regardless of their background, experience or track record. We give all our traders an equal opportunity to prove themselves as a profitable trader.

Refinement Period: If you can make a 10% return on your $50K trading book – growing your account to $55k – we will double your initial funding to $100k, or $105k net. This is dependent on traders not withdrawing their profit before reaching the target.

Specialization Period: If you can make another 10% return on your $100K trading book – growing your account to $115k net – then we will double your account value once again, up to $200k, or $215k net. Further, our in-house trading team will also help you to finalise your trading strategies or advise on your trading style if you require.

Mastery period: For the final stage, you must make 10% once again on your $200K trading book, giving you a net of $235k. If you can succeed here we will allocate $1Million to you and you will become one of our fund managers.

Refund Policy: You can receive a refund within two weeks of subscription. The amount received is based on the number of days you have remaining on licence divided by 31, and then multiplied by licence. Any losses made on month of subscription are deducted from refund amount. So, if your losses exceed the value of the amount in the second point then you are ineligible for a refund.